Muscles for Mel’s 2023

24 hours of working out, many smiles, and yes a bit of sweat was found at DropOut Athletics when friends came together with our Friends of Mel’s for this special day.

Here is a note from Zach, yes he and his friends are amazing!

Good afternoon Muscles for Mel’s Family,

I could not muster any more sincerity when I say… I am honored & humbled to know each of you.

Your strength, smiles, generosity, and overall support was incredible to witness.

It taught me a valuable lesson: be in service of others & give without expectation of anything in return and you will find in the wake, you will receive more than you ever could have dreamed in the first place. 

Therefore, giving may be the most selfish thing we can do because it is the most fulfilling. 

I hope I can forever feel the joy that the Special Olympics group showed to us.  Their walkups & celebrations are permanently etched onto my brain.

What can we learn from them?  Perhaps, not to take anything for granted and to find pure joy in the smallest of moments in life.

Or this could be just the beginning of using our love and passion for fitness to give to the world around us.

What if every gym in Milwaukee… what if every gym in Wisconsin…. what if every gym in the US chose a day to celebrate the love for fitness and lift up a charity of their choice?

If any of you have any learnings, experiences, or takeaways of the day.  Please share. 

Time and time again I am reminded…

1. I am nothing without the amazing people God has put into my life