Lakeside Cookie Co. gets creative with custom cookies, even writing on them in Braille

By Kristine M. Kierzek
Special to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

When Sue Felder saw braille on a cookie, she knew it was something she wanted to make for someone. She put out a call on social media, got a response and made the personalized cookies for a young customer. Of the thousands of cookies she’s made, those just might be her favorite.

Felder has more than 2,000 cookie cutters and counting. That’s one of the staples behind her dream business: Lakeside Cookie Co., W63-N706 Washington Ave., Cedarburg.

Felder and her husband, Bob, opened the doors on their custom cookie and decorating supply business in October. Custom cookies are shipped nationwide, and sold in the bakery case. Themes for cookies in the bakery case change weekly, and there is also a selection of other cookies on hand. Dough is available frozen.

Less than a year after opening, the family business is expanding, and in June they’ll move cookie classes upstairs while shifting the extensive array of baking and decorating supplies downstairs. Look for nationwide shipping for the supply shop later this year.

Sue and Bob Felder opened Lakeside Cookie Co. in Cedarburg in October.

Sue and Bob Felder opened Lakeside Cookie Co. in Cedarburg in October.

Cakes to cookies

When I was in my early 20s I started working at a bakery. I became the wedding cake decorator. I did that professionally for years. When I had my last baby, he’s almost 15 now, he was born with Down syndrome. I left the workforce and became a stay at home mom.

I kept doing cakes to keep my skills fresh. My dream was to have a place of my own. It was always cakes. I would make cakes for weddings, but it wasn’t legal to make them in your home. So any occasion, a wedding, baby shower, you got a cake for a gift. We moved to Florida. When we moved back you could bake from home legally in Wisconsin. I started, then realized I did not enjoy making cakes anymore. I was totally burned out.

I loved baking and still wanted a bakery. I’m just going to make cookies, try it. I made some and fell in love with the art of cookie making.

A tasty transition

If you can decorate a cake, you can probably decorate cookies. It is still food art. I started to switch to custom cookies.

I grew it from home for three years. I told my husband I wanted to open a bakery. My husband was going to retire from the car industry. He decided to come and run the front of the store. Another reason I wanted the storefront is because I want our little guy, Bobby, to have a place to be able to work.