Mel’s Charities Sponsors Chris Herren Presentation

The Chris Herren Story

Brought to you by Mel’s Charities

Wednesday, December 1, 2021  •   6:30-8:00pm
Grafton High School Auditorium •  Free Admission

About Chris Herren

Chris Herren, a basketball legend from Fall River, Massachusetts, was an All-American, broke scoring records and was recruited by the nation’s top colleges. Herren realized his lifelong dream of playing in the NBA when he was drafted by the Denver Nuggets in 1999 and then traded to his hometown team, the Boston Celtics, before losing his career and almost his family to the disease of addiction.

In long term recovery since 2008, Chris inspires people to start the conversation on wellness and educate themselves on the disease of addiction. It is his hope that strength will be found in the struggle and communities will come TOGETHER to address the issue of substance use disorder, advocate for effective treatment and embrace the power of recovery.