Farm Team

Future leaders of Mel’s Charities will come from this Farm Team, armed with the experience, enthusiasm, and commitment to sustain Mel’s mission for years to come.

In addition to raising donations for deserving groups and individuals, a key component of sustainability is continuity of management. How do we bring in new people with the same spirit and dedication of those who started this 20 years ago?

We already have the children of some of the original founders getting involved…and they’re bringing in their friends. How cool is this?!

Through a more structured program to bring in new Farm Team Members, including young professionals from some of our sponsors and supporters, our aim is to cast our net to a wider audience to grow this team.

We call it the Farm Team…and just like in baseball, they’re selected with the potential of stepping up to make a major impact. The Farm Team will help with managing and bringing friends to our events, and perhaps volunteer. They will spread the word within their companies, families and circle of friends about Mel’s Charities and the impact being made. They will use social platforms to spread the word too.

Please provide us with your information and we will start a conversation!