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Mel’s Charities hosts its signature event

CEDARBURG - The 24th Mel’s Pig Roast was held this past Sunday at Cedars III in Cedarburg. The line stretches the length of the 6,000square-foot tent as visitors wait to sample the more than 450 pounds of pork, 700 pieces of chicken and eight turkeys prepared by...



16 hours ago
Mel's Charities

Alec is "Muscling Up" for Mel's at Dropout Athletics !
#having fun
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Awesome! Way to go Alec!!!


Alec Shafer

18 hours ago
Mel's Charities

How cool is this?
Muscles for Mel's in full swing at Dropout Athletics . Drop in today and say hello and witness the magic.
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I was wondering where you guys were headed when I passed you on the freeway this morning. Hope you had a great day!

Rossman worked hard today!

Good job Ross!!!

Go Ross!

I’ll definitely do it next year

Rossman rules.

Looking good Rossman!

Hi Ross!

Like a boss, Ross!

Looking good, Ross!

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