Our Team

Our amazing volunteers

Mel’s Charities has become the name known for organizing fun and unique events. As a team (all volunteers) we are determined to be a major source of funding for local organizations that meet our mission!


Executive Director
Tom “Mel” Stanton

Ed Trygstad

Past President
Tim Hilgart

Vice President
Tom Meaux

Mary Kay Baumann

Greg Wilterdink

Board Member
Mike LaRosa 


Tom Altstiel
John Lerand
Dick Phalen
Ross Rintelman
Sara Walker


Founders Board

Blaine Bergmann
Ed Bublitz
Don Hahn
Tim Horrigan
Gene Peterson

Awesomeness Administrative Team

Chris Christon
Shirley Krenzke

Digital Media Manager

Kevin Winter

Event Manager

Amy Sterkenburg

Farm Team/Volunteer Coordinator

Susie Hoppe, Manager

Pigments for a Cause (Art Projects)

Christina Crain
Susan Grosskoph
Jeanne Peterson

MAP (Mel’s Advisory Panel)

Mike Ansay
Bud Bobber
Rick Buser
Mike Conlon
Luca DeFlorentiis
Randy Groth
Bruce Prom
Dave Ross
Jamie Trenter
Steve Quinette

Mel’s Ambassadors

Katie Deflorentiis
Aaron Gresch
Alex Parker
Andy Peterson
Donald Kolanko
Robert Kolanko
Ross Rintelman
Jacob West

Mel’s Service Dog